Black Sail Brewing Company focuses on making high-quality and enjoyable craft beer. We use local and regional ingredients whenever possible to help support local vendors as well while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of our beers through reduced shipping and responsible brewing and packaging practices.

With a planned 2.5 bbl brewhouse and a number of 2 and 4 bbl fermenters, we will be capable of producing great, local craft beer year round and serving it to some of the greatest beer drinkers in the region. We have a number of beer recipes we've been working on, including seasonal, one-offs, and commemorative beers. After we open to the public, we will continue to expand our beer menu and offer even more choices and styles.

Our team is made up of our two co-founders. Not only do they both love good beer and music, they're brothers-in-law. This lends itself well to a family-friendly and community-oriented atmosphere at BSBC. Here's a couple notes about our co-founders.

Josh Walker


Josh is an Army combat veteran of the 101st Airborne. In fact, this is where he started to learn about beer. Also an artist and musician, he has always enjoyed foods and drinks that embrace creativity and personality. Craft beer quickly rose to the top of the list. Josh can often be found reading books on business and beer or brainstorming ways to improve things.

Mick Carlson


Mick is a highly-intentional guy. When he does something, he does so with passion and purpose. For example, bass guitar, poker, sports, and craft beer. He does these things with excellence, striving to be the best he can. As a self-admitted perfectionist, Mick is always striving to improve his craft. You will often find him tweaking recipes and researching hops over a pint.